Why Is The Garage Door Opening By Itself?

Garage door partially open

Have you ever walked outside your home and been greeted by an open garage door? It’s a common occurrence, but do you ever stop to wonder why it’s happening? Is someone leaving your house without telling you? Did you forget to close the door yourself?

In most cases, there’s no reason to worry. The garage door opening by itself is usually just a result of incorrect alignment or loose screws. But in certain rare instances, there may be something more serious going on. In order to troubleshoot the problem, you must know why your garage door is acting up.

Dirt Buildup

Garage doors work on a reversing mechanism sensor. This sensor is located on the garage door track. It ensures that the door automatically reverses when someone or something is in the way. It protects your valuables or you from getting crushed by your garage door. This censor aids safety; however, if it detects large rocks, twigs, or leaves, it may think there is an obstacle in the way. This will result in your garage door opening back up.

The best way to fix this problem is to clear the area around the garage door and vacuum any dirt or debris that has built up. You can also check for any loose parts or wires and tighten them. It can be a part of your garage door repairs.

Faulty Remote Control

Garage doors operate on signals. A faulty remote control may cause your garage door to open without you even pressing the button. Common causes of a defective remote are:

  • Dead batteries
  • A loose connection
  • Damaged wiring
  • An old or outdated remote control

Sometimes even when your remote buttons are stuck, your garage door may be getting signals that you aren’t sending and open on its own.

If you have more than one remote control, try using a different one to see if that’s the problem. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the batteries or get a new remote control.

Misaligned Safety Sensor

A garage door has two safety sensors on each side at the bottom of the door. When broken, the sensors emit an infrared beam that prevents the garage door from closing. If the sensors are misaligned, the door will not operate. Bent or bumped tracks can also cause the sensors to become misaligned.

If your garage door opener features an external entrapment protection device (such as photo eyes), check to see if they are also misaligned or dirty.

To realign the sensors, first, make sure they are both clean. If they are still not working correctly, loosen the screws and brackets holding them in place and adjust them until they are properly aligned.


Despite the mysteries of life, there are always ways to find an answer – even if it’s as simple as picking up the phone. If you’re experiencing something strange or unexpected and need some help sorting it out, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.

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