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Princeton Solar Power System Installation

Are you having problems with your increasing electricity bill? If yes, you may consider investing in solar power for your house or business property. For your solar installation needs, you can trust our Princeton solar power system installation company, Exo Construction Group!

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We are a trusted solar installation company with a great team of electrical engineers, solar power experts, and project managers capable of handling residential or commercial solar panel installation. We offer efficient and affordable service, assuring our clients that they will not be disappointed with their solar panel installation project. We will cover everything, from technical support to coordination with your building owner, community leadership, utility provider, and even the government if you need to seek their approval for the solar power installation.

If you have questions or wish to seek our services, simply reach out to us through our hotline. We offer a wide array of other services, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results whenever you need your project done.

Call Exo Construction Group at (469) 489-5682 for your Free Consultation with a Princeton Solar Power System Installation expert!

How to Know If Solar Power is for You

Before you contact our Princeton solar power system installation team to get your property suited for solar power, you first need to make sure it is suited for your needs. Many factors can help you assess if solar power is the right investment to make for your electricity needs.

Princeton Solar Power System Installation how to know 300x200First, you need to know how much energy is used on the property each month. After removing the administrative fees and other costs, you can check your utility bill and identify how much of your electricity costs are composed of metered electricity. It is also recommended that you know how much energy you will need to maintain your current lifestyle. Your property must also be optimized for energy efficiency, such as having a well-maintained HVAC system.

The property will also influence how efficient solar power could be for your needs. Is your property located in an area where solar exposure is abundant? Are there trees or tall buildings that may disrupt the system’s exposure to sunlight? Does your building have ample space for solar panels? These are just some questions you will need to answer, and you also need to know when you plan to stay on the property because these solar panels can last for more than two decades. You may want to transfer your solar panels to your new property if you intend to sell your property in the future.

You also need to know if there is a solar panel system that fits your budget. It can be very stressful to pick the best one, let alone know if they work for you. But, with us at Exo Construction Group, you don’t have to get stressed with all these concerns. Our team can assess your property, identify the appropriate solar panel system for your property, get it installed in your space, and everything else. We promise to bring you an efficient service whenever you are ready to make the jump to solar power.

Solar Power Installation by Experts

While DIY solar power systems can be installed on your own, you may end up making errors in their installation if you do not know how each part works and if you actually bought the right solar power system for your home.

Princeton Solar Power System Installation solar installation 300x200At Exo Construction Group, you don’t have to worry about the inner workings of your solar panel system or look through the different solar panel systems that are on the market. We will visit your property to know what it requires in terms of electricity production and which solar power system is perfect for your needs and location.

When we have all the details, we will sit down with you to explain what will happen during the installation process and how your solar panel system will work once it is installed. We will also show you the cost-benefit ratio of your solar power system and a complete breakdown of the costs for the entire project. We will not proceed with the next step until the details are finalized and you are satisfied with the cost.

Our team of engineers and solar installers will get to work once the approval is given and handle the entire project. We will contact our trusted solar panel suppliers for parts and systems and get them installed with care and efficiency. Our team will also reach out to your electricity provider to connect your new solar power system to your main power lines.

We can also help you with the permits if required in your community or building. We are also here to help you maintain them to ensure that they continue delivering the electricity you need at any time.

Experienced Roofers for All Roofing Needs

Whether you want solar panels installed in a residential or commercial building, our Princeton solar power system installation experts at Exo Construction Group are ready to make it happen. We guarantee you won’t have to stress out about any part of the installation process because we can gladly do that for you.

We are a known licensed and insured general contracting company with several years of experience in our belt in providing general construction and trade services. With this said, you are assured that you are in good hands whenever you seek out our services. We don’t just do installations but also remodeling and repair services. Thanks to our experience, we can identify what our clients need and make sure our work is reliable and fits what the clients need. We are also ready to take on tasks whenever you need them so long as the building in question is up to two stories.

If you want to learn more about our services or know what to expect from our team, check our testimonial page or reach out to us through our hotline. We offer a free consultation for anyone who wants to learn more about our services.

Free Consultation – Solar Power System Installation

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With electricity prices skyrocketing each year, investing in solar power can be the way to reduce your electricity prices for the foreseeable future. If you wish to get one for your property, don’t hesitate to contact our Princeton, TX roofing company today! Our team at Exo Construction Group will visit your location to determine what is needed to make your solar installation project a success and what kind of solar power system will fit your property.

Once we have the finalized plan in place and you approve our service quote, we will get to work and handle everything, from working with trusted suppliers for your solar panel system to installing it on your roof and main power lines. We can also help you maintain it so it continuously provides your property with the energy you need. Learn more about our solar installation service and our other roofing service today!

Call Exo Construction Group at (469) 489-5682 for your Free Consultation with a Princeton Solar Power System Installation expert!